Day 8 in Madagascar: May 27, 2016

This morning we went for a short hike to a small village called Ambodiaviavy. It was a lot different than the other villages we went to because it had a different feel and it was poorer than the other villages we visited. It smelled. That was the first thing I noticed. It was a mix of wet clay and human excrement. The houses were basically made by picking up the mud on the ground and molding it around the basic structure of the house. The people were covered in the mud, so that didn’t help. I can’t imagine living like they do but I guess that’s all they know and I wish I could help them.



When we first arrived we went to the king’s palace and we had to be welcomed by the ancestors by drinking moonshines. It was disgusting because it burned my mouth and tasted like nail polish remover but our guide Franck loved it and drank a whole cup of it. Once we were accepted by them, they gave us cassava and coffee made with sugar cane water. After that they had their local band perform for us and we danced with them. Hiking back down was a very interesting experience filled with slips and slides all the way down.

In the evening we set mouse lemur traps but unfortunately we didn’t catch any. We also received a talk from David Liittschwager about using One Cubic Foot. We had a relaxing evening after that.

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