Day 7 in Madagascar: May 26, 2016

We woke up early today at 5:00 and went on an early morning bird walk. We ended up seeing three birds. Two of which we saw for about three seconds and then they flew away and the other we caught in a  mist net. We were able to hold the bird that we caught and we also tagged it.


After our bird hike we went to a bat cave to see the local Madagascar bats. We had to cross a small waterfall to reach the inside of the cave. They were really cute and they were so much smaller than bats in America.


Later, in the afternoon we went kayaking down the Namorana River. It was basically a mix between white water rafting and kayaking. We crossed a whole bunch of little rapids but there was one really big rapid that we got to go through. We saw the giant spiders that spin their webs above the river and we also saw other animals along our trip. It was so nice and sunny out, which was a surprise because it had been raining for a few days straight.


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