Day 6 of Madagascar: May 25, 2016

Today we hiked nine miles completely uphill, through mud, and we were lapped by a group of young children who were hiking the same path as us. The only reason we hiked all that way was to see a school in a village called Menorano. We visited each class, played with the kids, read to them, and gave them presents of dresses, toys and candy. They were adorable and so happy to recive the presents we gave them. It was amazing to see how happy they would get from getting something small like a stuffed animal.




In the afternoon we did our own little One Cubic Foot Projects. We split up into groups and picked a spot somewhere on the CVB campus. We video taped our cubes for about an hour and tried to watch the video but we couldn’t see anything. We went back to our cube and looked in the general area of our cube and found animals to collect. We gave what we found to the One Cubic Foot group and they took the ones that they wanted to use for DNA barcoding.

After dinner we went to the Jeet. There you could order fries and crepe and it was very nice to have som American comfort food so far away from home.

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