Day 5 in Madagascar: May 24, 2016

Today we started off by traveling to the town of Ranomafana and meeting the mayor, José Rabemiafara. We talked to him for little while about the little library in town and how they need more books.

After that we visited Pivot. This is an organization that focuses on public health in third world countries. We talked to Lara Hall, a doctor woking with Pivot in Madagascar and she told us about her work there. They help bring medical supplies to remote places and people in need. Sh also helps train emergency response people.

Afterwards we stopped back at CVB for lunch. Then we went for our first hike through the rainforest of Ranomafana. We experienced the hills and leeches of the Madagscar Raunforests. I didn’t get bitten but other people were getting eaten by them. We saw some beautiful views from the trees. In the end we ended up hiking 7.5 miles through the rainforest.

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