Day 3 of Madagascar: May 22, 2016

Today we started the long ten hour drive down to CentreValBio. We got our first taste of the gorgeous views of Madagascar. Passing through Antananarivo we saw the varied conditions of the people who lived there. Some people had falling down, broken, dirty houses; made out of bricks or mud or straw and others had nice walled off houses that you could probably find in America. It was amazing to see how different the places and people are.




We also saw the difference between remote and city people. Their clothing changed and the quality of their living environments greatly decreased. People started to have less clothing and less nice houses. Also we stopped at a restaurant and got our second taste of Malagasy food. I thought that my meal was pretty good, I got rice and fried vegetables. After ten hours we finally arrived at CVB and settled down for our first night outside of Tana.

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