Day 15 in Madagascar: June 3, 2016

Today we spent our second to last full day in Madagascar doing some pretty amazing stuff. We started off our morning by going for a hike in Mantadia National Park. We hiked through a beautiful rainforest rich with  plants and animals. We saw at least 7 different species of lemur but the most exciting were the Indrid Lemurs; which are the biggest living lemur. It was amazing to see how such a small park had such a diversity of living species. The plants were beautiful and we saw a gorgeous river that ran through the park just like at CVB.

After completing our final hike in Madagscar we set out to visit the Vakona Private Reserve to see the Island of Lemurs. This is a very special reserve because you can hold and pet the lemurs there. Lemur Island is a small but wild island surrounded, like all islands, by water. Because the lemurs can’t swim they can never leave the island. We took a short canoe ride to the island where we were greeted by two small Common Brown Lemurs, who immediately jumped on the boat. Once we walked a little ways into the island we found a large family of lemurs. The guides brought many bananas to feed the lemurs with. Once the guide brought the bananas out the lemurs were all over us. They would leap from one person to the next or they would perch on your shoulder. They were very fun to be around and we got many pictures.

After our expirience with the lemurs we went a short walk and saw the other animals on the preserve. We saw crocodiles from the Nile River, a fossa, chameleons, and a family of Tenrecs. This was a very fun thing to do on our second to last day.


Once we were done we started our travels to Antananorivo.


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