Day 16 in Madagascar: June 4, 2016

This morning we went to the Chief of Misson, Steve Anderson and talked to him about his work in Madagscar and all over the world. He talked to us about how his career started and how he has traveled the world to help serve as an American Ambassador.

After our talk with Mr. Anderson we visited the Roberts Chocolate Factory. We were originally going to take a tour through their factory but they were unfortunately closed for tours. Instead we enjoyed their little chocolate shop and stocked up on chocolate to bring home to the US. I was able to purchase all the chocolate I needed by buying 19 chocolate bars of varying fillings and darkness.

Afterwards we went back to The Louve and we were given the choice to stay at the hotel and relax at their spa or go on a cultural trip to the Queens Palace. I chose to go to the Queens Palace. The palace wasn’t exactly like palaces you would find in Europe but it was quite spectacular before it burned down. We were able to see the remains of the palace and the Queens Palace is the highest point in Tana so we were able to see a spectacular view of the city.




Once we were done with our tours of the palace we went back to Louve and packed up. We then headed to Sakamanga where we had a relaxing evening sitting by the pool and playing card games.


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