Day 14 in Madagascar: June 2, 2016

Today we started off the day by driving to a Zebu and  a Reused Bottle Factory. At the Zebu factory we got to see how they make various things from Zebu horns. We got to see the whole process from removing the bone in the horn, to polishing the  surface of the object. It was very cool too see how they use every part of the animal for something different. After the little demo we were able to shop in the gift store for souvenirs.

After the Zebu Factory we made our way over to the Reused Bottle Factory. At this particular factory they reused soda cans to make various miniature things such as, cars, bikes, and planes. We got to see how they make the tires of the bikes. I was surprised by how much time they spend on such a tiny object. It was also interesting to compare their factories to our idea of a factory. When I imagine a factory I think of smoke and industrialized buildings and machines but there in Madagscar, they are made by hand and are in open buildings that could be houses, not factories.

After that we drove to an Exotic Animal Reserve where we got to feed lemurs and hold chameleons and snakes. When we first got there we took a short hike to a small clearing where we were able to see a family of Sifaka Lemurs. We were able to feed them by putting a banana in a flat palm and extending your hand to them. They would gently grab your hand and pull it towards them in order to grab the banana. They were surprisingly gentle and unafraid of us. After that we went to a chameleon habitat where we had to look for the chameleons there and we were able to hold them. We held multiple different species of chameleons, including the biggest chameleon in the world, a Malagasy Giant Chameleon. We then held snakes, such as, a boa constrictor (but this type wasn’t poisonous) and a few others.


Afterwards we drove to our hotel which was a Bungalo. It was raining and I could swear I felt a few raindrops hit my head in the middle of the night. Although the condition weren’t great it was nice to finally be able to sleep after a long day.

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