Day 11 in Madagascar: May 30, 2016

This morning we split up into two groups; the sick group and the healthy group. I was unfortunately in the sick group. After splitting up we went our separate ways and went on two different hikes. Our hike was about 5 minutes long to a nursery where we collected various animals for the One Cubic Foot project. After our easy hike we spent the rest of the morning resting and napping.

In the afternoon a group of women weavers came and showed us how to weave baskets. Let me just say it was an experience. You might not think you need a ton of hand strength for weaving but you do. It’s very hard to keep everything in place as you weave the basket together. They also brought a ton of gorgeous baskets to sell that didn’t seem like they could possible be made by hand.


In the evening Patricia Wright talk to us about her life’s work and about how she came to be where she is now. It was amazing to hear her speak and learn about her. I think that her life’s work is amazing. I loved hearing her speak and hope to hear her speak again sometime again in my life.

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