Days 1 and 2 of Madagascar: May 20-21, 2016 

Today we began our journey to the Island of Madagascar. I started the day off by waking up at 3:00 in the morning and then got to the airport at 4:00. Our first flight was to JFK and wasn’t that bad considering it was only 45 minutes long. After that we started our long and hard fifteen hour flight to Johannesburg and a short four hour flight to Madagascar followed soon after. It was a very smooth trip and we had no problems.

Once we arrived at the Madagscar Airport, we drove about an hour to Antananarivo and went to ShopRite to stock up on bottled water for our trip down to CVB. I was surprised by how nice this shop was; it was kind of like a less nice Tops that you could find in America. We spent the night at the SakaManga Hotel or the Blue Cat Hotel. It was a very nice place, which was great because our nice hotels are hard to find in Tana. We had a very nice and relaxed dinner at the restaurant in SakaManga. After a very hard two days of traveling we got to spend our first night in Madagascar in the safety of the Blue Cat Hotel.

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